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DevNet’s FirmaChain to Improve TestNet

DevNet’s FirmaChain to Improve TestNet

FirmaChain is a global electronic contract platform based on blockchain. On 27th September, it announced the launch of DevNet. At DevNet, developers of blockchain can conduct tests of scenarios and come up with specifications. It will also serve as the fastest medium to test the latest technology-related updates in the core of FirmaChain.

FirmaChain released DevNet on GitHub to provide its technology-related updates transparently on the platform henceforth. FirmaChain is also willing to release the Colosseum TestNet for it to be tested and validated by outside developers. This can be done once the Imperium passes some verification tests.

To achieve its goal, FirmaChain launched the faucet service as fast as possible, apart from unveiling the DevNet block explorer. This step added transparency and specified the path on which the hardfork is headed. This is pre-scheduled for Q4. 

The recently launched faucet services by FirmaChain helps in testing the following 

  • Wallet creation
  • Token sending
  • Wallet recovery
  • Minting, burning, or transfer of NFTs

Imperium is the TestNet version of FirmaChain’s mainnet, Augustus. The former is named after a form of authority in ancient Rome. The latter is named after the first emperor of ancient Rome. FirmaChain recently decided to add the Colosseum TestNet phase.  This has strengthened expectations in the successful testing and validation of the mainnet hardfork. 

Imperium is currently undergoing various tests for stability and reliability. More recently, 4 validators were also chosen to test staking, voting, and other scenarios. The results can be traced transparently on the block explorer. 

The block explorer will reveal the creation of blocks, the number of delegations, voting power, consensus, tokenomics, NFTs, exchanges, etc. 

FirmaChain said that these testings will eventually decide where the company is heading.

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