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Liverpool FC Clears the Speculation, Says No Partnership with Tron


Just recently, Justin Sun, the Tron CEO had revealed about Tron’s collaboration with Liverpool FC. The announcement was greatly publicized but later Liverpool FC the British Football Club came clear with the news and denied any such partnership with Tron- blockchain and cryptocurrency firm.

The Partnership news started with Liverpool Football Club’s invitation to Justin Sun. The Liverpool FC invitation was unique and was posted on Twitter; Justin Sun thanked Liverpool for the unique invitation.

Looks like Justin Sun somehow misinterpreted the invitation. As per the source, Liverpool FC spokesperson denied that it had agreed for the partnership with Tron.

However, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell mentioned that it could be a spam sales email send by the organization and she had even received one and rejected it.

Some sources upon contacting have clearly said that there is no partnership agreement between the two. The sources wish to stay secret.

One of the spokesmen, who studied the matter till the end said, that Justin Sun had misunderstood the informal invitation of Liverpool Football Club; the invitation was even sent to various companies to understand the companies’ business in a better way.

Justin Sun had not given any detail information about the nature of the partnership, which was later denied by Liverpool FC. The Twitter invitation included a small video with the name of the Liverpool Football Club on it and a Tron logo.

Ben Munster, while debating over the development said that Justin Sun might have received one of these sales emails and turned it into a partnership with Liverpool Football Club.

Justin had replied to the Liverpool FC invitation on twitter by saying:

“Thank you for the unique and innovative invitation, Liverpool!” “I am impressed and I’m looking forward to exploring this #TRON new partnership together!”

In recent times, Liverpool Football Club has formed a list of corporate sponsors. After the purchase of Fenway Sports Group of the club, it has attracted many partners, and numerous partnerships are on board, and many more are still in progress. But definitely, partnering with Tron blockchain and cryptocurrency organization is not on the list.

The spokesperson denied the claims of Tron CEO and even said that they have never come across a group named Tron earlier.

Despite Liverpool FC coming out clearly on Tron partnership, cryptocurrency outlets have not stopped from publishing the news, and neither has it stopped TRON CEO from promoting the partnership.

Reports also say that Tron CEO Justin Sun is not backing from his claims and is waiting to explore the new partnership with Tron. He even said that it is an official partnership and much more partnership details will be released in the days to come.

Jesse Powell stated: “I think we all got spammed with the same sales pitch. I get 100 of these a day.”

The Liverpool FC spokesman mentioned that the invitation was emailed to several companies and was the part of continues effort of the football club to stay connected with new technological developments.

The Spokesman also mentioned that officially they have not approached for the partnership. “To be clear, no discussions have taken place.”

Communities have even responded to the news over Twitter, one of them has even edited the FC’s uniform by including the logo of Tron and posted on Twitter.

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