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Asva Labs IDO Launched on Cardstarter Network

Asva Labs IDO Launched on Cardstarter Network

CardStarter, which acts as the developer, launchpad,  and insurance coverage provider for all enterprises taken up by the Cardano network, is going to introduce the Initial DEX Offering(IDO) for Asva Finance. Asva Finance has gained a substantial reputation as a data aggregator for Decentralized Finance across numerous blockchains. By doing so, it ensures that financial marketing services can provide the best returns to investors. Asva Labs is the founder and owner of this engine and it has accelerated the revolutionary system of Web 3.0 by utilizing reconcilable decentralized applications. 

The users of Decentralized Finance often face some major drawbacks like inadequate fungibility, incoherent and scattered money markets, unsatisfying user experience, and little to no interoperability. Asva Finance attempts to provide a solution to these problems by consolidating equity from the highest-rated blockchains like BSC, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano. Users can have an overview of the structure of the 100 most sought-after DeFi protocols. This enables the clients to lend and borrow capital, mine liquidity, invest in ventures, and manage their portfolios from a single portal. 

The latest project introduced by Asva Labs is the Asva Ventures, which operates on multiple chains and raises funds to foster connections between promising developers and retail sponsors with a shared interest in NFT, metaverse, and GameFi space. Its USPs are the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation and the structure for fundraising. It promotes verified projects, helping them develop to their fullest capacity, and also allows retail investors to gain access to the primary market. 

Asva Labs currently has tie-ups with several multi-chain projects, among which are Kylin Network, KardiaChain, Hypersign, and Oddz Finance to name a few. According to Aatash Amir,  the CEO of Cardstarter, Asva Labs is the embodiment of the innovative developments supported by Cardstarter. Hence, the collaboration promises to be fruitful.

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