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Gamerse Now Offers Secure NFT Marketplace Price Conversions with Chainlink

Gamerse Now Offers Secure NFT Marketplace Price Conversions with Chainlink

Unifying the information of NFT for all gaming is crucial. When combined with a feed that generates real-time data is a cherry on the cake. Gamerse is trying to become that one-stop shop for the community that indulges actively in play-to-earn games.

The NFT market is volatile, just like the crypto market. Prices change by the time someone looks it up on another platform. Therefore, as a part of improving and enhancing the user experience, Gamerse has gone ahead to integrate Chainlink Price Feeds on its platform.


Chainlink secures billions of Dollars across various industries. The list includes, but is not limited to, insurance, DeFi, and gaming, with the gaming industry constantly growing in the market. From the time Chainlink began operating, it has successfully established a standard of providing Oracle solutions to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain network.

The major offerings of Chainlink are building and selling Oracle solutions to the industry while granting them access to the growth of the entire ecosystem. Enterprises and data providers rely on Chainlink to access a universal gateway to all the blockchains.

Chainlink Price Feeds was chosen as it has stood strong through its time-tested decentralized Oracle solution. Features that made Chainlink Price Feeds an ideal choice were its quality of data, security of node operators, decentralized network, and transparency.

The features are also the reason why Chainlink price prediction estimates that the price of Chainlink will be bullish in the future.

Gamerse is breaking the myth that it is difficult to unite gamers from different ecosystems, especially the NFT gaming ecosystem. Gamerse is deploying its cross-domain, cross-chain, and cross-verse solutions to develop an NFT gaming social ecosystem, the first-ever in the industry.

For that purpose, Gamerse is continuously working to adapt to the prevailing trend and pioneer its share-to-earn model to benefit creators & gamers alike.

Gamerse x Chainlink Price Feeds

The news was announced by Gamerse, mentioning that it has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds to grant access to its users to real-time price data. The integration with Chainlink Price Feeds will allow Gamerse to build SAM, short for Social Aggregator Marketplace.

Social Aggregator Marketplace is a hub that aims to become cross-chain and cross-platform by offering a more unified & user-friendly experience. Its launch is tentatively scheduled for April 15, 2022 (Friday).

Gamerse has taken the step to integrate Chainlink Price Feeds to achieve the end vision of Social Aggregator Marketplace. Termed an incremental step, the integration will assist Gamerse in making the platform more user-friendly by providing intuitive functionality.

One of the factors that Gamerse considered while integrating Chainlink Price Feeds was to provide NFT buyers with all the pieces of information relevant to making an informed decision regarding the trade.

Since Chainlink Price Feeds allows Gamerse to provide real-time and reliable conversion data, it automatically becomes the perfect fit for the Gamerse ecosystem.

Users on the platform will be able to trade using BNB, MATIC, and ETH during the initial period. Following this, many more digital coins will be linked to the platform.

The Founder of Gamerse said that the team was proud of the integration. He highlighted that Chainlink Price Feeds would allow them to display NFT prices using the native tokens of multiple blockchain environments.

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