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KDG and LMT Join Hands to Create Decentralized Blockchain Ecosystem

KDG and LMT Announces Strategic Partnership

Kingdom game or the KDG is an upgraded global network online gaming platform which has been stirring the news headlines, following its strategic partnership with LMT or the Let me Trade, which is a leading global crypto broker.

This partnership is focused on fostering better crypto communities and developing a healthy decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Moreover, this partnership is expected to entail a new dimension to the Token Swap Trading, where KDG tokens would be launched by the LMT platform. This will give the users the liberty to swap KDG tokens, which are owned by the Kingdom Game 4.0 version, on the LMT platform after the KDG Initial Gaming Offering or the IGO ends. These tokens find huge application in various payments, value assurances, and for the development of the game’s product ecosystem.

By joining the Kingdom Game 4.0, users have the opportunity to increase their current incomes by 30 % to 50 %, by either playing the game or by earning commission for sending the game referrals or by completing the in-game quests. LMT, on the other hand, is a strong crypto broker, having a robust experience of cryptocurrencies and traditional finances, that aids the users to trade cryptocurrency at ease. Token Swapping is one of the many services like margin trading, contract trading, social trading, etc., that this pro-crypto broker excels in. Experienced traders can trade crypto assets at ease by applying various diversified trading strategies. The platform also formulates strategies for novices without much trading experiences in cryptos.

To get more recent updates about this inking partnership between KDG and LMT, users have to wait until any public announcements are made on behalf of both the platforms.

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