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Cardano Foundation to Plant 1 Million Trees

Cardano Foundation to Plant 1 Million Trees

The Cardano Foundation will plant 1 million trees. It has partnered with Veritree, a blockchain startup, to accomplish the goal.

One million trees are being planted to restore the natural ecosystem like land and combat deforestation. The plan was announced by the Cardano Foundation in the previous year, opening the doors for its community members to make the necessary donations.

As of today, nearly 1,001,000 tokens have been collected, which will help the Foundation to plant trees of the same number.

#CardanoForest Project Is All Set

Commitment to go carbon green was made a long time ago. The Foundation strengthened it further by announcing the project in the last year.

It will now fulfill the commitment and execute the project in partnership with Veritree.

The news was confirmed by Frederik Gregaard, the Chief Executive Officer of the Cardano Foundation. He published a tweet on the microblogging platform to announce that the 100% funded project was ready to be implemented.

Frederik and his team aim to push forward the Foundation’s Carbon Global Impact Challenge through this project. This will help them to showcase their commitment towards the well-being of the climate and to maintain green footprints.

Many members of the Cardano Community came forward to make their contribution to the project. The Foundation commits to planting one tree for every ADA that has been donated by the members.

Those who have donated 15 ADA or more will be eligible to receive a Digital Land Restoration Certificate.

The number of trees that are planted will be officially recorded on the blockchain technology of Cardano. This is to serve the purpose of enhancing transparency while sharing the progress of the project.

Efforts to combat deforestation and restore the lost natural ecosystem will be made across Kenya, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti, Madagascar, and Senegal.

Frederik Gregaard also highlighted the commitment of Cardano to position itself as a global leader in climate change.

The Cardano Foundation already functions as a Proof-of-Stake network. The efforts to plant trees are a step to further strengthen its image as a global leader.

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