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CRO Maintains Neutral Volatility. More Gains Expected

CRO Maintains Neutral Volatility. More Gains Expected is certainly a top player in the cryptocurrency market right now. The Hong Kong-based blockchain project was created to facilitate various financial activities through cryptocurrencies. However, is predominantly known for the exchange services it provides for its users. The platform has a record number of listings,outnumbering listings onCoinbase. has also expanded into crypto loans and the NFT marketplace.

CRO is the native cryptocurrency and governance coin of the blockchain. It was earlier referred to with the ticker sign MCO when the project was known as Monaco. After a successful rebranding, the crypto services platform has been known as ever since 2018. More than being a store of value, the CRO tokens enable faster convertibility on the exchange platform. 

CRO coin recently made the headlines again for its position in the market. Reportedly, the coin showed less volatility in comparison to the entire cryptocurrency market. The volatility measurement on InvestorsObserver puts CRO at the bottom with 21 points.  This measurement considers the movement of the coin in recent times and ranks its volatility based on risk or reward. Read this popular price prediction to learn why CRO deserves a place in your investment portfolio.

CRO tokens have been developed to facilitate real-world payment through cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its convertibility and’s partnerships with several companies, CRO is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in operation currently.

The coin held on to a sturdier trajectory than other coins and has remained in the bottom 21% as far as the volatility of the market goes. Despite the lack of any bigger upside or downside swings, CRO has managed to continue its bullish streak and was valued at $0.49 as the market closed on Tuesday. As per the reports from the analytics platform, this payment token is trading close to the resistance point at $0.50427662172514 and may experience extended selling pressure as it rallies. The support for the coin is set at around $0.45. 

As for the coming week, the market blows still do not seem to affect the flow of CRO coins.  The coin is expected to carry this upward action of the past for a few more days as well. Despite the expected selling pressure, the steady trajectory of CRO could bring it to $0.62 by the end of this week, which is the most the coin has seen since the beginning of the new year. However, some current events like the meeting between Macron and Putin and the erasure of some old policies of Trump on Steel Trade through the new US-Japan truce could potentially bring an 8% profit for today. Yet, the positive push could also face some counter pulls, which could swing it back to the opening $0.49.

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