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The Coinbase Wallet Now Available as an Independent Browser Extension

The Coinbase Wallet Now Available as an Independent Browser Extension

Bringing extension for more functionality for its customers

A downloadable browser extension was introduced for its users by the Coinbase Wallet for laptops as well as desktops in May. This has enabled easier and more secure connections within the decentralized apps (the dapps) and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) from more devices.

But now the users will be able to experience full functionality in their Coinbase wallets extension. Now customers or the users will be able to easily browse through dapps, have access to thousands of the varieties of cryptocurrencies traded on the Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), in earning interest, and also be able to collect the NFTs, all with a few clicks. 

With the launching of the wallet extension, Coinbase wanted to empower millions of its users to engage themselves more in the exciting dapps’ world. This has also enabled to bring Coinbase wallets to Desktops of the users as it can increase the scope and access to a greater crypto ecosystem. The launch of the new browser extension will let the users do the transactions as desired by the customers without the need for their smartphones anymore. 

The process to get started on the standalone extension is very easy for the existing as well as the new users. If the user has previously been using their Coinbase wallet extension through the WalletLink, they should make sure that the recovery phase is in handy and then you properly sign out from the menu option in the Wallet extension. 

For the new customer, one can easily download the Coinbase wallet for free through the Chrome Webstore. Coinbase will continue to work on empowering its users to use web3 and dapps by building accessible and easy-to-use wallets in the ecosystem.

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