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Forward Protocol and Master Ventures Working on Building Blockchain Adoption Platform

Forward Protocol and Master Ventures Working on Building Blockchain Adoption Platform

Forward Protocol announced that Master Ventures has agreed for assistance. This investment from Master Ventures will go straight toward our goal of creating a popular “WordPress” system for integrating Blockchain technology along with some Web 3.0 features for different platforms.

Master Ventures’ financial assistance reflects the shared goal of promoting the adoption of Blockchain also for leading all the coming users of economies of the Blockchain-enabled through smooth and easy ways.

The Forward Protocol developing team is honored to be affiliated with a Blockchain institution of Master Ventures’ caliber and repute. Moreover, the team is quite excited to collaborate with them, using their knowledge and skills in promoting Blockchain adoption and integrating Web 3.0 features into value-based platforms.

Blockchain technology, along with Web 3.0, is going to be the future of digital asset ecosystems. Master Ventures is working relentlessly and supporting the vision of creating a difference. Forward Protocol is happy to connect with Master Ventures.

The Token Launch for the Forward Protocol is quickly approaching; also, the date has been determined – December 13 on DAOmaker along with December 14 on the MahaStarter. Members of the public may learn more about the initiative by reading the Whitepaper and Litepaper.

About Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol employs a WordPress-like approach to provide an environment of no-code in which users are able to build their Blockchain applications having no requirement of technical expertise. NFT, Gamification, DeFi, ML, AI, and Social Tokens are all embedded into the Forward Protocol to link the value-driven economy. Forward Protocol applications and smart contracts may be deployed with a single click on any EVM chain compliant. Forward Protocol is designed as the cross-chain interoperable, industry neutral, along with the adoption-focused, with the ultimate objective of accelerating Blockchain Technology adoption.

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