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Polkadot Price Prediction: DOT to Provide a 20% Long Opportunity

Polkadot Price Prediction DOT to Provide a 20% Long Opportunity

Polkadot has been doing rounds ever since the debates about investment options for the new year gained traction. DOT has been pointed out as a viable option by many experts and enthusiasts. The growing crypto project is often included in the list of the so-called Ethereum Killers as it aims to address the scalability and affordability issues found in the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike the volatile meme-coins, the DOT project is accepted unanimously as a legitimate protocol with visions to improve the whole industry and address the current issues and problems. 

This cryptocurrency has managed to stay relevant to the market all this time due to its visions and policies. It, moreover, was able to hike up the expectations for 2022. As expected, the coin has been found well in the market since the first week. The coin rallied the market between the 10th and 15th of January and brought home a 25% growth. Just as DOT was setting new milestones up in 2022, the Simple Moving Average or SMA for the past 50 days proved inadequate at $28.17and brought it 7% lower in value. This fall brought the coin from $28.39 to $26.66.

This means the investors can come in for the long term now or wait for the turntables at the  $28.84 weekly resistance or 200-day SMA. A maneuver like this is expected to trigger an upwards current in its value. This bullish streak would test the resistance at approximately $30. This, in turn, would trigger a 20% growth to the DOT coin bringing it as high as $35. According to experts, this could be the opportunity for investors to pick up profit from the DOT coins.

Unfortunately, we cannot know for sure how this theoretical framework would work out in practice. Because it depends on various factors, most of which cannot be predicted precisely. If the coin failed to gain traction or ended up below $23.27 during the closing, the bullish market would end up being a dream that devoured our money.

Still, a strong contender like Polkadot is highly unlikely not to utilize such trends in the market. The huge benefits, non-volatile coins, and other technical infrastructures seem to keep the coin going forward. Moreover, this is just the beginning of the bullish streak the DOT tokens have been predicted to have for the next five years. Opinions from all the corners have pointed towards Polkadot as a viable option for long-term investments. So even if this bullish market does not work, it would still bring a long-term value of 500% to your investments. According to this Polkadot price prediction from CryptoNewsZ, the price of DOT coins is expected to flow in the next few years.

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