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Lithium Finance in Partnership with Clearpool for Creating Liquid Secondary Market

Lithium Finance in Partnership with Clearpool for Creating Liquid Secondary Market

For pricing Clearpool LP tokens, Clearpool, an ecosystem of decentralized capital markets, has teamed up with Lithium Finance, the first decentralized oracle solution for data (cpTokens).

Clearpool allows borrowers to create their liquidity into single pools and look forward to uncollateralized direct liquidity from the ecosystem of DeFi. This new collaboration with Lithium Finance will ensure that the new dynamic market driven by the $CPOOL coin has an effective risk management system.

The Result

Clearpool allows institutional borrowers to seek competition from un-recognized money from lenders, top crypto venture capital firms, and the DeFi ecosystem.

Clearpool’s full risk management solutions will subsequently be available to liquidity providers and lenders, allowing for effective hedging and monitoring of all activities of lending. When liquidity is offered to a pool as a lender (or LP) on Clearpool, you will be rewarded with cpTokens particular to that pool. These cpTokens symbolize the liquidity offered to the pool and receive interest on each block. CpTokens also reflect the pool borrower’s credit profile. CpTokens are redeemable anytime and are subject to availability or exchanged in a secondary market, providing LPs with extra liquidity.

Clearpool LPs can rate this credit tokenization by using Lithium’s DMI Mechanism and Wisdom Nodes, thanks to the integration of Lithium Finance.

Lithium’s powerful DMI process can decide the result based on issues regarding the worth of tokenized credit across secondary markets and transmit this value to Clearpool’s users, guaranteeing proper risk management along with regulations.

About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance, one of the first priced oracles, is powered by collective intelligence to provide exact and quick pricing, which are completely private and illiquid assets. It compensates analysts who supply accurate data and penalizes those who provide inaccurate price data. As a consequence, Lithium’s customers may efficiently price any difficult-to-value assets, such as pre-IPO equities, private equity, and other illiquid assets.

About Clearpool Finance

An ecosystem of Decentralized Capital Markets, Clearpool Finance is a space in which institutional borrowers may pool their liquidity and compete for uncollateralized liquidity straight from the ecosystem of DeFi. On Clearpool, liquidity providers may earn high returns, with interest rates boosted by extra LP rewards given in CPOOL, along with the regulated token.

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