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A Premeditated Move: Protocol Finance Enlists on Bounce DeFi

Protocol Finance Enlists on Bounce DeFi

Protocol Finance (PFI) is guiding the path forward for DeFi as a beacon for others to emulate. The exemplary vision carved by PFI for itself and its associates has been firmly pronounced as wide dissemination of their PFI tokens on the Bounce Finance platform. Having delved into a variety of alternatives, PFI has now finally zeroed in on pools distribution methodology.


Through this well-planned strategic initiative, PFI aims to harness the advantage of sales on Bounce Finance as DAO for financial auctions. The long-sighted vision of Protocol Finance aims to optimize on Decentralised Finance apps and cash in on the opportunity of building a broader base bringing them into the mainstream.


PFI Token is a choice product under the PF umbrella and holds ruling supremacy. Vide this alliance, PFI aims to take charge of the complete product portfolio offered by Protocol Finance under the DeFi segment. The users of this token will have a lot of benefits, especially due to its being a DeFi product through staking and farming. Protocol Finance has started proactively promoting a transparent and open finance framework via cross-chain protocols, exchanges, and applications. 


Details of Presale on Bounce can be taken from the The Pre-sale amount is capped at 11,000, and a total supply of PFI Tokens of 20,000. Steps to be followed by users of PFI token to optimize on the opportunity:


1. Connect on the internet via website and join your ERC 20 wallet via extension.

2. Once the sale announcement is made, key in your Pool Id or name.

3. Once the process for sale is initiated, you can swap your PFI tokens.

4. The number of PFI tokens you would get depends on the exchange value of the pool present

5. Do verify the contract address to stay safe from frauds

6. Bounce level is the key determinant for your ETH amount.

7. Even though the pool runs round the clock, the fixed exchange ensures the price remains stable.

8. The most significant advantage for PFI holders is that the transfer to the wallet happens instantly, provided a minimal transaction fee is paid. 

9. Another major advantage of a public sale token is that it is open and can be traded easily.


As an initiative towards fostering growth and to broaden the horizons for the Protocol Finance community, the pre-sale is implemented to offer Uniswap liquidity.

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