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Ankr Collaborates with ROCKI to Revive its Royalty Rights

Ankr Collaborates with ROCKI

The new blockchain-based music streaming platform, ROCKI, has launched their first-ever Royalty income music NFT, which was sold for a record 40 ETH. In this endeavor, ROCKI gets support from one of the leading crypto-based cloud computing platforms, Ankr. Ankr has officially announced on its Twitter handle that it is going to support RockiApp to utilize NFTs for its various royalty programs.

Following this collaboration, ROCKI will be able to use Ankr’s node infrastructure to power its platform. With this, RockiApp becomes the first blockchain-based platform to utilize NFTs for royalties. ROCKI’s full access to Ankr’s node infrastructure will ensure ROCKI has a decentralized music streaming service without keeping up with the maintenance every time. Moreover, getting support from Ankr, ROCKI will be able to solve some of the fundamental problems currently exiting in the music industry.

ROCKI is the first-ever music streaming platform that offers rewards in its native token ROCKS to both the artists and their app users. ROCKI makes instantaneous royalty payments to ROCKS artists, which solves one of the most significant challenges in this present COVID-stricken scenario in the digital music industry, where most artists are not getting their payments. With Ankr’s support, ROCKI will be able to revive the buyers’ rights to royalty income from streaming music. It will also help ROCKI to eliminate the middlemen, thereby benefitting both the artists and the listeners.

After collaborating with Ankr, ROCKI has already attracted the attention of leading crypto outlets and more with its consecutive launch of two unique music Nonfungible Tokens on the ROCKI. One is the ERC721 Royalty income right NFT & the second one is the ERC1155 Listening right Music NFT.

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