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PureFi and CasperLabs Sign a Long-Term Technical Partnership

PureFi and CasperLabs Sign a Long-Term Technical Partnership

PureFi, the crypto analyst company, and CasperLabs, a Casper building support company, have announced the signing of a comprehensive agreement that will help both firms accelerate their growth in the DeFi space and beyond.

Combining a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC processes will be combined with CasperLabs’ experience as the First Blockchain Built for Enterprise Adoption in this cooperation, which aims to align both businesses strategically.

This cooperation will specifically aid in the development of more robust and substantial outcomes in internal operations. For seamless experience inside the protocol, PureFi will leverage Casper Network architecture to store user’s AML certificates on-chain. The improved registration procedure will ensure that AML risk ratings and VCs may be tracked over time and in terms of previous screens.

Slava Demchuk, CEO of PureFi, mentioned that they are looking forward to a growing long-term relationship. CasperLabs worked hard to ensure that the Casper Network had a solid foundation for developing DeFi apps. The company is looking forward to this collaboration bringing a substantial product innovation value.

Mrinal Manohar, CEO at CasperLabs, mentioned that CasperLabs is dedicated to providing a decentralized and secure environment to developers for developing Dapps on the Casper Network in DeFi and beyond.

The company made significant progress in this area. It’s critical to keep validated credentials in a private and secure environment to meet all AML and KYC standards. PureFi continues to seek out novel methods to collaborate that allow them to stay ahead of the DeFi industry’s broad adoption trends. CasperLabs is the best example.

About PureFi

The PureFi protocol analyzes crypto wallets and transactions through AML databases based on the Verifiable Credentials standard, a machine-readable presentation of the data by default. Each Certificate includes asset pricing, AML/KYC, and other metadata, allowing it to be utilized as a full-fledged AML/KYC verification for any legal or validation reasons.

About CasperLabs

CasperLabs acts as a support engine that helps businesses develop on Casper, the first enterprise-grade Blockchain. CasperLabs is devoted to enabling the next wave of Blockchain adoption among businesses and offering developers a dependable and secure platform to construct hybrid, private, and public Blockchain applications.

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